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In order to help craft your clients’ litigation strategy, you need the ability to quickly identify relevant emails, documents, etc. in a huge universe of data.  Unfortunately, the ‘universe of data’ is often larger than expected, requiring a need to execute complex queries to help narrow the documents needing review, and ultimately produce documents in accordance with an ESI Protocol –without wasting time and money.

iDS tackles the challenge of unstructured data (i.e., email and electronic documents) discovery with experienced consulting and testifying experts. We assist with the identification, acquisition, analysis, and production of unstructured data sources such as email systems, file servers, desktop and laptop computers, data created by a back-up process, and other traditional data sources. iDS’s experts are consultative by nature. We do not believe the answer is to simply collect and process all of a client’s data; rather, we believe that our approach is most cost effective.

At iDS we have experience with multiple analytics tools, including Brainspace and Relativity, and can provide guidance for the optimal solution for your review goals and timelines.  Our engagement management and consulting teams work with you to provide insights into your data and how to maximize your review.

We accomplish this in a defensible, time effective, and cost-efficient manner with a team that is willing to standby its work and testify if needed.

With an understanding of your needs and objectives as seen through the lens of our STEPS framework – we are able to provide valuable insight into the unknown, the unseen, and the undiscovered, and we look forward to learning how iDS can help you leverage data as an asset, and not a liability. Fill out the form below to schedule a meeting with our team, or for immediate assistance, call: US: +1.800.813.4832  |  UK/EEA: +44 (0)20 8242 4130