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Your journey with iDS begins with our team of experts gaining an understanding of your objectives viewed through the lens of our STEPS framework. In doing so, we are able to customize a strategic plan of action that is made to address your specific needs and desired outcome. This plan may include one or more of the following services listed below.
Compliance & Investigatons, Compliance, Investigatons, What We Do

Compliance (and Investigations)

With a myriad of regulatory requirements in the US and EU markets, the need for corporations to find better ways to leverage data is essential. iDS works to evaluate existing systems and data, respond to immediate inquiries and design better mechanisms for the future. At our core, we are a company of problem solvers, utilizing the strategic use of technology to reach trans-formative outcomes for our clients.


Cybersecurity, Cybersecurity Services, What We Do


As organizations shift to digital environments, their data is increasingly under threat. A single incident can cause devastating organizational, financial, and reputational harm. iDS’ cybersecurity services strengthen your security posture through expert-driven risk mitigation and incident response strategies – protecting your data with a customized approach that is tailored for your needs.


Digital forensics, What We Do, consulting & testifying experts

Digital Forensics

Your data tells a story. Who created it, how it was created, and when it was created – giving you the opportunity to see a timeline that may have been previously hard to define. Utilizing forensically sound methods that are repeatable and defensible, our team of consulting and subject matter experts can collect, assess, analyze, and identify data that needs to be preserved, in addition to providing testimony to support their findings.


eDiscovery & Disclosure, What We Do


Today, organizations of all sizes are producing increased volumes of data. The challenge is finding ways to access, locate, collect and preserve it – showing who created it, how it was created, and when it was created. iDS tackles the challenge of unstructured data discovery & disclosure by leveraging our experience and analytics tools in a defensible, cost-efficient manner – ready to stand by our work and testify when needed.


Privacy, Privacy Services, What We Do, data sources, privacy solutions


When data subjects exercise their rights to request personally identifiable information (PII), locating the data is not the only challenge; reviewing and effectively turning over documents with maximum efficiency is paramount to control costs. Maximize the time given to respond to Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) by understanding where your data lives and how to implement a workflow tailored efficiently and cost effectively for a more streamlined production/disclosure..


Structured Data & Analytics, Structured Data, Analytics, What We Do, iDS, Discovery

Structured Data & Analytics

Your organization has large volumes structured data that needs to be collected, preserved, processed, analyzed, reviewed, and ultimately produced. iDS has the unique ability to provide collection solutions to meet your needs and obligations – vetted by individuals of diverse backgrounds with unique perspectives. Our unique approach and structured process allows you to meet obligations while creating an advantage for your client.


Testimony, iDS Testimony, What We Do, iDS


At iDS, our consultative experts can provide subject matter expertise in areas as diverse as enterprise applications, email archives, and the technical operation of software and hardware systems – with the experience to testify on paper, in a deposition and in the courtroom. When you need the right person to be the voice of your organization, along with the ability to stand behind the solutions they provide, the name to remember is iDS.