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Written by Dan Regard, Founder and CEO at iDS, Fact Crashing Methodology covers the 9 Principles of Fact Crashing, along with the necessary tools needed to help change the way we litigate.

In the case of the Fact Crashing Methodology, the prioritization of structured data can provide a significant procedural, tactical, and even strategic advantage – speeding up dispute resolution by providing both parties with quicker access to mutually agreeable (or mutually obvious) facts.
These principles provide the missing tools that will change the way we litigate and summarize decades of experience learning how to identify, qualify, prioritize, and apply structured data to the benefit of resolving disputes, predominately in a legal setting.

Dan Regard


About the Author

For the past 25 years, Dan Regard has stood as a visionary and vanguard for domestic and global issues revolving around the use of data analytics. His experience as a consultant and respected subject matter expert continues to make him a sought after speaker, educator, and clinician, whether it be for legal retreats, judicial training events, or law firm-client conferences.
A programmer and an attorney by training, Dan has conducted system investigations, created data collections, and managed discovery on over a thousand matters – with national and international experience advising on eDiscovery, forensics, structured data, and information management issues. Dan has received a Band 1 ranking from CHAMBERS AND PARTNERS for 5 consecutive years. In addition, Dan plays an active leadership role in the Sedona Conference, the Electronic Discovery Institute (EDI), and the Georgetown Global Advanced Electronic Discovery Institute (AEDI).