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By Bobby R. Williams, Jr. on 9/10/20 8:00 AM

We ask much of our technology professionals. Companies create, receive and distribute data of all kinds. We need systems to access and manage that data, along with infrastructure to control the flow and keep it secure. It’s a game of tag, and tech professionals are always IT.

Your data, the systems that maintain it, the programs that manage it, the licenses that authenticate those programs and the devices that access it are all company assets.

Why is this significant?

IT professionals have a ton of detailed work on their plates. Managing users, systems, data sources, security and infrastructure integrity requires daily attention and trouble shooting. Often, digital investigations are delayed because very busy IT teams have difficulty getting a third-party expert access to data sources. Sometimes, this is due to security restrictions that must be accounted for. Frequently, time is lost simply because the location of the data is not easily identified. Days and weeks can be lost simple trying to track down a decommissioned or reassigned device. Most matters are time sensitive. Some of those involve potential theft or unauthorized replication of data. In those instances, losing time searching for data sources could spell disaster.

What’s my takeaway?

Review your asset tracking system, whatever it is. Make sure it is completely current and do your best to keep it that way. Try different methods to see what works best for your organization. There are automated systems to assist with asset management. You can also let users share the accountability. Perhaps a quarterly or bi-annual requirement to check in. If you use a platform where custodians can confirm the devices they have and the identifying information for those devices, that may help you keep track of everything.

It is easy to lose track of which devices are assigned to specific users. Employees depart or change departments. Devices get lost, upgraded, replaced, reassigned and/or repurposed. It can be a mess if you lose your place, so stay ahead of it. The simple act of keeping track as you go can save you precious time should the need for an investigation arise. Taking a few extra minutes to ensure devices and accounts are properly tracked at the time of deployment will save you major headaches down the road.

When a matter arises, your IT team will be able to quickly tell experts and counsel where a device is located and who has it. The company will be organized, the team will be responsive, and the tech professionals in your company will get to feel like that assets they are.

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