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How to leverage your client’s data

In compliance and Wage & Hour Cases



iDS can help leverage your data in compliance and wage & hour cases 

Nowadays, everyone and everything has an accessible data trail – including long-haul transportation vehicles. If you’re representing a client in a compliance or wage & hour case, iDS can help you leverage your client’s existing data, giving you the ability to control the narrative.

We’ve been involved in matters, including:

A common element in all these matters is how data helped answer the questions of fact, allowing counsel to quickly find resolutions for their clients on favorable terms.

The iDS data collection team has experience analyzing billions of records from long-haul vehicle systems including GPS, DOT logs, onboard computers, dispatch logs, Qualcomm messages, and a multitude of other devices that utilize databases.

So, if you are involved in a compliance or wage & hour case and are interested in helping your client leverage their existing data, let’s talk. Visit our website at today to schedule a conversation with one of our experts.

iDS – solving complex data problems. It’s what we do.

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