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iDS are a digital consulting firm that provides consultative data solutions to companies and law firms around the world, giving them a decisive advantage against the competition – both in and out of the courtroom.

With offices in the United States and the United Kingdom and with operations throughout the EU, iDS’ team of subject matter experts and data strategists specialise in finding solutions to complex data problems – ensuring data can be leveraged as an asset and not a liability.

Our UK and EU operational team of experts understand the data landscape and are committed to providing innovative and custom solutions for our clients in the UK, Europe, and beyond. This commitment is embedded in the way we conduct our business, and is the driving factor behind our reputation and success. Under the leadership of founder and CEO Dan Regard, iDS has developed into a global provider of discovery services.

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In conjunction with Mr. Regard’s support and backed by the entire U.S. team of data strategists, Tim LaTulippe, Daniel Rupprecht and Dominic Tucker head up the iDS offices in London.  They work with clients daily to provide specialised expertise in digital interrogation, data management and electronic discovery associated with litigation, regulatory investigations, and compliance. They have a wealth of experience in these fields and are well-respected in the industry.

iDS are constantly advancing and pushing the boundaries of technology in the eDiscovery and digital forensics space. Our team’s cutting-edge capabilities ensure that clients can access the latest technology to safeguard their data, allowing them to stay ahead of the curve and maximise their data’s potential. (Remember at iDS we help you leverage your data as an asset, and never a liability).

STEPS™ framework, Structured Team Engagement Performance System, iDS

Our tools, methodologies and STEPS ™ process are designed to identify and solve problems in the ever-changing business and digital world. From bespoke solutions to enterprise-grade efficiencies, iDS can offer customised, efficient, and cost-effective solutions to the most complex data-related issues.

iDS London Team

Daniel Rupprecht

Director, UK/EEA

Dominic Tucker

Associate Director, UK/EEA

Tim LaTulippe

Director, UK/EEA

iDS solutions are tailored specifically for each client and project, avoiding cookie-cutter solutions that rarely address the unique challenges surrounding data. Here, we embrace these challenges, providing insight that gives our clients the opportunity to make informed decisions that lead to transformative outcomes.

With decades of experience, iDS guides clients through the complex world of eDiscovery, digital forensics, and data analytics, providing valuable insight into the unknown, the unseen, and the undiscovered. With the ability to testify and defend the strategies we recommend, iDS can stand behind the solutions we provide.

Our experts are here to provide guidance and clarity every step of the way and would enjoy the opportunity to learn more about how we can help with your next data problem or need. We can schedule a 30-minute Zoom call or arrange an in-person meeting.