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Roles and Responsibilities: A Workplace Case Study

Roles and Responsibilities: A Workplace Case Study


Our client terminated an employee, but there was a disagreement between the employee and our client regarding the employee’s role and responsibilities. Our client needed to better understand what a day-in-the-life of the employee looked like to determine their true role in the company.

The client provided electronic evidence in the form of several thousand emails and attachments covering a multiple year span.

iDS assisted with:

  • Building an understanding of what took place around this discrepancy in job title through a full-scale investigation of the work that the employee was doing.
  • Determining, based on the electronically stored information (ESI) in emails and attachments provided, what the true nature of the employee’s job was.


Leveraging Brainspace’s Unsupervised Learning, iDS was able to conduct an investigation, craft a narrative, and provide evidence to our client that ultimately supported their claims based on data analysis and pattern recognition.

The iDS Investigations team quickly ingested the emails into Brainspace and ran investigative analysis. With Brainspace’s ability to categorize words and phrases and identify key topics, we were able to generate reports on the nature of the employee’s work broken down month-to-month chronologically.

The iDS team analyzed and reported the following:

  • A robust investigation notebook and timeline of key events – building a narrative to support our client’s case.
  • Analysis of clustered concepts and their concentration was used to prove the nature of the work the employee was doing.
  • Data and pattern analysis of keywords and concepts displayed graphically over time to show little to no change in the employee’s duties in question.


Following an efficient, but thorough investigation, the iDS team was able to develop a narrative that supported our client’s opinion and turn our findings over to the client in less than 48 hours.

For our client, this meant a quick, data-driven result to their discrepancy and a resolution that supported their claims.