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Innovative Workflows and Custom Solutions Allow Client to Meet All Disclosure Obligations

Innovative Workflows and Custom Solutions Allow Client to Meet All Disclosure Obligations

Facts at a Glance

  • International healthcare and medical company facing over 280 product liability lawsuits spanning approximately 3,100 plaintiffs

  • Collection and production of over 20 million unique records and 500,000 unique documents from 13 different data systems
  • Client has been able to meet all of its disclosure obligation timelines – delivering documents in a manner that is complete, intuitive, and maintains contextual relationships


Assist a client with record and document collection from various data systems.

Our client, an international healthcare and medical device manufacturer, was facing over 280 product liability lawsuits spanning over 3,100 plaintiffs related to the safety of two cardiovascular products.

iDS assisted with:

  • Providing electronic disclosure and structured data analytics consulting services to help client fulfill its disclosure obligations
  • Developing transparent and repeatable workflows to extract data from over 13 different systems including complaint databases, CRM software, training modules, and a proprietary document management environment
  • Delivering numerous rounds of structured and unstructured data productions based on court and plaintiff-imposed deadlines


iDS was engaged to facilitate data extraction analyze results.

iDS was chosen based on our reputation and deep experience in assisting clients with similar issues. A project plan was drawn up to include:

  • Facilitating numerous in-person workshops with client IT stakeholders and outside counsel to understand the technical environment and business uses of the relevant systems
  • Deploying custom extraction scripts, utilities, and reporting workflows to load relevant unstructured files and related metadata into a review platform
  • Performing targeted queries to produce data from structured data repositories, identifying gaps and anomalies, and facilitating the redaction process over multiple rounds of supplemental productions


iDS’ deployment of data productions allowed the client to meet all disclosure obligations.

Our custom workflows and reporting solutions have been successfully deployed over 75 different data productions and allowed client to meet all of its time sensitive disclosure deadlines. In addition, this information has been provided in a manner that minimizes suppression, maximizes traceability, and deliverys an intuitive user experience.