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Mid-Size Organization Quickly Moves 20 Offices from On-Premises Operations to Remote Work

Mid-Size Organization Quickly Moves 20 Offices from On-Premises Operations to Remote Work


In response to the pandemic, be able to transition to all employees working remotely without any impact to client service or firm operations.

The onset of the pandemic this spring meant transitioning from approximately 20% remote work on a weekly basis to 100% remote work. iDS helped our client law firm and its employees successfully make the transition and they continued serving clients and executing the back-office functions necessary for the survival of the firm.

iDS assisted with:

  • Identifying critical business functions.

  • Documenting systems, people and processes necessary for firm success.

  • Executing the transition to 100% remote work.


iDS worked with our law firm client to develop and test disaster recovery and business continuity plans. iDS also worked to implement the planned protocols without any meaningful issues.

iDS has assisted the law firm for many years, and had developed a disaster recovery/business continuity plan. That plan was tested every year, and those tests included:

  • Identifying key changes in the technology infrastructure.

  • Training and cross-training employees to be able to back-fill for each other for all critical tasks.

  • Testing of the ability to operate from remote and non-traditional facilities.


The entire firm transitioned to remote working within a two week period with zero impact on client service, billing and collections, and other firm operations.

The managing partner has made a point of lauding the success of the program and attributing that success to the planning involved in creating, and most importantly, testing the plans that identified how the firm could deal with any sort of disruption to their operations.