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Dan Regard, founder and CEO of iDiscovery Solutions (iDS), a strategic consulting, technology, and expert data services firm based in Washington, D.C., has recently introduced the paperback edition of his groundbreaking book, Fact Crashing™ Methodology. Delving into crucial aspects of e-discovery and Electronically Stored Information (ESI), the book offers invaluable insights for today’s forward-thinking litigators. With its focus on pioneering solutions for law firms and corporations in litigation investigations and cybersecurity, iDS positions this book as a stepping stone—providing essential concepts required in the current landscape.

After thirty years devoted to perfecting his craft, Regard coined the term Fact Crashing™—a portmanteau merging “fact” and “crashing.” “Fact” represents the digital truth recorded by the systems inundating our digital lives, while “crashing” refers to the project management technique that prioritizes one phase to accelerate completion, benefiting the entire project.

Fact-Crashing /fakt-‘krashing/ noun: a digital thing that is known or proven to be true. verb- adding project resources to critical path task(s). verb: the acceleration of dispute resolution through the prioritization of data-based evidence.

Regard’s approach centers on dealing with structured data, providing a significant advantage in procedures, tactics, and overall strategy. Fact Crashing™ prioritizes structured data, facilitating faster access to clear and mutually agreeable facts, thereby expediting dispute resolution.

In the book, Regard discusses the benefits of Fact Crashing™ as the bridge between two major barriers to dispute resolution: the scarcity of evidentiary facts and the overwhelming volume of unstructured digital documents, such as emails.

Regard explains, “The purpose of Fact Crashing™ is to focus on ambient, contextual, and transactional data earlier and more broadly. If all of this were true, and if this data can reduce costs and accelerate resolution, why don’t we do it more often? Because it’s new. It’s different. It’s confusing. It’s technical.”

Regard provides expert insights into the Fact Crashing™ Methodology, presenting optimal solutions based on nine foundational principles developed by him and his team. “These principles encapsulate years of experience and learning,” says Regard, “guiding the identification, qualification, prioritization, and application of structured data to effectively resolve disputes, particularly within a legal context.”

As Judge Andrew Peck (ret.) eloquently puts it, “Just as TAR has been a game-changer in cost-effectively reviewing emails and other unstructured data, Fact Crashing™ Methodology, and the effective use of structured data – can be a game-changer in determining the actual facts in a matter, particularly in certain types of cases.”

Regard’s “Fact Crashing™ Methodology” is an exploration that redefines the intersection of law and technology. A must-have for anyone seeking the essential tools and know-how to revolutionize their approach to litigation. Pre-order your copy now on Amazon and gain access to this transformative resource. 

iDS provides consultative data solutions to corporations and law firms around the world, giving them a decisive advantage – both in and outside the courtroom. iDS’s subject matter experts and data strategists specialize in finding solutions to complex data problems, ensuring data can be leveraged as an asset, not a liability.