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As soon as a data subject requests the PII stored about them, organizations are in a race against the clock to collect, aggregate, and review the data. This can be more challenging than a typical document review as the PII relating to third parties must be redacted prior to the document response to the requesting data subject. Otherwise, the organization faces potential data breach issues and large fines. 

iDS takes this unique challenge into consideration and offers efficient and effective solutions rather than off-the-shelf products fit for other purposes.  A solid information governance program will provide organizations a significant head start in identifying potential data sources and responding to data subjects’ requests. iDS is there to support this endeavor.  Once data is collected and ready to be reviewed prior to the response, the real impact of a customized solution is the reduction in the total cost of review.  Using a combination of human and machine logic, the documents most likely in need of potential redaction are segregated from those purely relating to the data subject, and advanced highlighting can be used to draw the attention of reviewers quickly to areas thematically related to PII.

Maximize the time needed to respond to data subject requests by understanding where your data lives.  This can be best achieved through deliverables such as data maps and data retention policies (assessed or newly created). Control the cost of the review and response by using technology to reduce the haystack and implement a workflow tailored efficiently and cost effectively for faster decision making, leading to a notable rise in documents reviewed per hour. and a notable rise in documents reviewed per hour.

With an understanding of your needs and objectives as seen through the lens of our STEPS framework – we are able to provide valuable insight into the unknown, the unseen, and the undiscovered, and we look forward to learning how iDS can help you leverage data as an asset, and not a liability. Fill out the form below to schedule a meeting with our team, or for immediate assistance, call: US: +1.800.813.4832  |  UK/EEA: +44 (0)20 8242 4130