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Ransomware has come a long way since its beginning in 1989, and so have the options for recovering from a ransomware attack. One of the the first variants was distributed via diskettes to attendees at a WHO conference.

The popularization of the internet inevitably led criminals to find ways to distribute ransomware attacks using email attachments and links. These links led to compromised websites injecting malware onto unsuspecting user’s computers and networks. Truth is, this happens more than one might think, and it often happens with the simple opening of an email that looks legitimate to the naked eye.

Both the volume and scale of ransomware attacks have been growing at an exponential rate. Unfortunately no sector of the economy is spared, with countless numbers of businesses and organizations falling prey to ransomware attacks. On average, there are ransomware attacks on US businesses or government agencies about every 11 seconds. These attacks are expected to cause damages of up to $20 billion to US companies and government agencies by the end of this year.

What to do if your organization is impacted by a ransomware attack, and what options do you have for recovering from an attack?

  1. Identify which systems have been impacted and immediately move to contain the infection
  2. Pull out your incident response plan
  3. Check your backups
  4. See if there are options to recover your files without paying
  5. Evaluate the impact of paying and decide if you want to pay
  6. What Next? After recovery, what should you do?

To learn more about Quick Recovery from Ransomware Attacks, we invite you to review our case study.

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