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iDiscovery Solutions Receives Chambers and Partners Ranking for Fifth Consecutive Year

WASHINGTON, DC— Chambers and Partners recognizes iDiscovery Solutions, Inc. (iDS) as a top eDiscovery firm with a Band 2 ranking in their 2022 Professional Advisors Litigation Support Guide. President and CEO at iDS, Dan Regard, is recognized as one of two top consultants with a Band 1 ranking for the fifth consecutive year.

The Chambers and Partners Litigation Support is a guide to the leading professional services providers worldwide. The guide serves as a resource for lawyers, general consultants, and private clients facing complex disputes. 

Firms are ranked in Bands 1-4 and individuals are ranked in Bands 1-3, 1 holding the most significant honor. iDS has been recognized as a leading eDiscovery consultancy for five consecutive years, receiving a Band 2 ranking this year.

According to Dan Regard, “It’s a huge honor to be recognized, not only by Chambers but by the people that Chambers turns to for these types of rankings. It’s also a tremendous privilege to be associated with the other ranked professionals. I know all of them and each is extraordinarily talented.”

Chambers and Partners attest, “The firm [iDS] is particularly well regarded for its expertise in structured data solutions and has crafted numerous tools to help extract key insights for clients. They are able to do other types of data analysis, in addition to developing trial exhibits based on structured data.”

Since Chambers and Partners began ranking eDiscovery consultants in 2018, Regard has received a Band 1 ranking all five years. A source confirms, “I would give him my highest recommendation; particularly for cases that are really thorny and need creativity and top credentials.”

According to Chambers and Partners, “The president and CEO of iDiscovery, Daniel Regard, boasts expertise in both law and computer science as well as three decades of consulting experience, much of it in the eDiscovery space.”

“Daniel is a very forward thinker and real problem solver,” explains one lawyer, while another adds: “He knows how to read the room and how to make an effective presentation.” A fellow eDiscovery expert says: “He is a shining star in our space,” before continuing: “He is very knowledgeable, very generous with his time, and works on both sides of the ‘v.’.”

iDS provides consultative data solutions to corporations and law firms around the world, giving them a decisive advantage  – both in and out of the courtroom. Our subject matter experts and data  strategists specialize in finding solutions to complex data problems – ensuring data can be leveraged as an asset and not a liability.