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You have data – lots and lots of data. So does your organization. It is stored on desktops, laptops, mobile devices, file servers, email servers, cloud servers, archiving appliances, external storage devices, SharePoint sites, websites, social media accounts, and elsewhere.

iDS can help protect your data by leveraging our customized proactive and reactive cybersecurity services, employing sophisticated tools and recognized industry standards, including those outlined in the NIST cybersecurity framework – including estimates for effort, cost, and timing at each step of the process.

Here, we address the challenges of data breaches and incident response
with a highly skilled and experienced team that is uniquely qualified to handle a myriad of issues.
We assess existing capabilities and develop sound, defensible strategies that meet
your data security and incident response needs.

With broad experience and deep industry knowledge to identify, analyze and map your company’s data systems, we work closely with your internal teams to understand your IT profile, uncover vulnerabilities, and build plans to mitigate the risk of a third party infiltrating your systems. We help build the framework for a robust incidence response plan – working with you and your team to prevent security incidents and help reduce damage should one occur. When responding to an incident, our focus is to quickly get you back to business and reduce the likelihood of future events.

With an understanding of your needs and objectives as seen through the lens of our STEPS framework – we are able to provide valuable insight into the unknown, the unseen, and the undiscovered, and we look forward to learning how iDS can help you leverage data as an asset, and not a liability. Fill out the form below to schedule a meeting with our team, or for immediate assistance, call: US: +1.800.813.4832  |  UK/EEA: +44 (0)20 8242 4130