Managing Information


Come up with an information governance plan to reduce the amount of data retained. Overcome technical and cultural issues.

Our client is a global, publicly-traded software company. The company had never had structured information governance or record retention program and had accumulated decades’ worth of every kind of electronic information. When faced with litigation, the costs associated with discovery in multiple cases were extraordinary.

iDS assisted with:

  • Identifying which data types presented the greatest amount of risk
  • Building an internal team to overcome cultural issues and resistance to change
  • Developing a data and information map for the entire company


iDS worked with the client to develop an information governance program focused on reducing overall organizational risk. iDS developed the risk assessment and developed a global information governance framework along with an implementation plan

  • Identified and prioritized data sources based on risk to the company
  • Developed a detailed plan for a global implementation of an information governance program, including record retention
  • Assisted with the implementation of the program


The amount of email retained by the organization has already dropped by 75% with further reductions in other information types to come.

While the program is in process, we have already implemented a global email retention program, cutting the retention period from permanent to 18 months with a reduction of over 75% in total emails in their systems. Subsequent phases will deal with file shares, structured data, and personal computers issued to employees.