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Internet Filtering Software – Reasonable Measures

Internet Filtering Software – Reasonable Measures


A school district was accused of exposing students to inappropriate websites after an employee was reported for showing students certain websites.

The client needed expertise for the following :

  • To investigate the allegations fully and completely
  • To draw on experience of website filtering software and enabled features
  • To determine what artifacts get left behind by using search engines


Our iDS Forensic Team analyzed a number of computers, mobile devices, and the school infrastructure/internet gateway.

The iDS Forensic and Investigative Team performed analysis and reported on the following:

  • That the installed monitoring software had been functioning properly
  • The internet artifacts left behind established that while certain sites had been search for/typed in, the software would not allow those sites to be visited
  • The examination of a non-school owned mobile device showed that it contained visits to inappropriate websites


 Our team was able to show that the alleged activity did occur, but that it occurred on a personally owned device that was not owned or controlled by the school district.

The suspect was arrested and convicted for this activity.