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Our proven processes remove factual uncertainty – providing valuable insight into the unknown, the unseen, and the undiscovered. Having this information gives you the opportunity to make informed decisions that lead to transformative outcomes for both you and/or your client. The following areas of service provide a brief overview into the types of datacentric projects we specialize in at iDS.

Compliance (data oriented/evals)

Corporations can find themselves needing to leverage data to help manage their compliance in the myriad of regulatory requirements in the US and EU markets. iDS works with clients to evaluate what they already have in place, respond to immediate inquiries and design better mechanisms for the future.


We can help you protect your data by leveraging our proactive and reactive cybersecurity services that can be tailored to your specific data sources. You can feel confident that your most valuable asset – your data – is safe.


When you need to look closer, our team of experts can help you understand the story that the data is telling. We build a multidisciplinary team for our clients to ensure that we bring a diverse perspective of subject matter experts to your problem to achieve exceptional results.


While many disputes may end up in litigation, not all do. While not all litigation ends with a trial, when they do our team of experienced testifiers are ready to defend our work and tell the ‘data story’.


The explosion of data world-wide has put an increased focus on data privacy. This includes not only protecting data (Cyber Security) but also properly manage expectations through notices, policies, etc. and proper use of data that a company has retained.