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At iDS, we cover the entire Electronic Discovery Reference Model (“EDRM”), and over the years have worked to standardize our process and best practices. Part of that process revolves around our approach as consultative experts, analyzing each situation and making suggestions if we think there’s a better or more efficient way. In other words, everyone at iDS is consultative by design.

In Discovery Services Engineering, we have standards and templates to follow for processing, hosting, and production. These are our “recommended” settings, but the truth is, they may not always cover your exact needs. That’s why we strive to provide custom solutions that are tailored specifically for each client and project, avoiding cookie cutter solutions that rarely address the unique challenges surrounding data.

Strategic Processes

Pre-Process Conversions

Loose HTMLs and other file types can be problematic to view in Relativity® and other hosting platforms. We have converted Efiles to PDFs prior to processing to make the documents easier to review and view in Relativity®.

Time Zone Considerations

Data for a single project can come from more than one collection and from differing time zones. In a previous case, iDS’ team of experts separated the data collected in their different time zones, processed all the data in its own native time zone and then exported to a single Relativity® workspace.

Re-useable Data Sets

Sometimes the same custodian or data is needed for multiple matters. In this situation, it would be extremely inefficient and costly to re-process this data for every individual matter. For data that is needed for multiple case projects, iDS ingest the data once and exports it multiple times to separate workspaces, saving time and reducing costs.

Comprehensive Reviews

Consolidation of Multiple Sources for Ease of Review

In the past, iDS have inherited Discovery Services from another vendor. In one matter, iDS were given multiple disparate Concordance® databases which the client wanted to review as one universe. There were no unique IDs which were common among the databases, so iDS assigned a new unique control number scheme and loaded all the Concordance® data to one universal Relativity® workspace.

Custom Review Workspace Creation

iDS have a standard set of fields we use in processing and hosting. These do not always match up exactly with the standard set a client may have. If data is already involved, this could create duplicative fields that need to be reviewed. To solve this issue, iDS created a new workspace based on a client-provided template. This allowed us to process and load new data and load existing client data using the same field labels.

Results-Driven Production 

Production Flexibility

iDS can provide any combination of images, natives, text files, and default load files needed for a Production.

Producing to non-standard format

A client had a proprietary hosting platform that was unable to load any of the default load files from standard processing and hosting tools. iDS created a custom workflow that provided production load files the client could use in their own software. iDS built multiple quality control steps into the workflow, ensuring no data was lost during the conversion.

Simplified Productions

iDS provided productions as single searchable PDFs in the past to meet clients’ specific needs.

iDS provides consultative data solutions to corporations and law firms around the world, giving them a decisive advantage  – both in and out of the courtroom. Our subject matter experts and data  strategists specialize in finding solutions to complex data problems – ensuring data can be leveraged as an asset and not a liability.