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Insight Into User Activity Provides Case Team Assurance Regarding Departed Employee Behavior

Insight Into User Activity Provides Case Team Assurance Regarding Departed Employee Behavior


  • Healthcare services provider had concerns regarding a departed employee that may have maintained proprietary company information post departure
  • Departed employee went to work for a direct competitor
  • iDS engaged to collect and analyze departed employee laptop
  • Counsel quickly gained insight to proprietary information’s level of risk and appropriately advised the health services provider on next steps


Assist a client in analyzing data gathered from a departed employee’s laptop.

Our client, a US based healthcare services provider, learned that a departed employee was working for a direct competitor, joining a group of several former employees all now working for the same direct competitor. Because the recently departed employee had access to proprietary company information related to confidential company business, iDS was engaged to collect and analyze the departed employee’s laptop computer for the following:

iDS was tasked to collect and analyze:

  • Access of proprietary electronically stored information (“ESI”)
  • Use of cloud-based data storage technologies and USB devices
  • Analysis of attachments sent to personal email addresses


iDS implemented Employee Risk Assessment, an iDS Expert Solution.

This fixed priced service offering provided our client with a risk profile related to the departed employee behavior. Specifically this service included:

  • Analysis of USB device usage, including newly installed devises and when available, a listing of files and folders stored on the USB devices
  • Access to known cloud storage systems and personal email systems that may have been used to transfer proprietary and confidential information
  • Inappropriate access of proprietary and confidential ESI, including changes in behavior related to ESI access
  • Risk level evaluation with an iDS Expert, and recommendations for next steps (if any)


Within 48 hours of laptop receipt, an iDS Expert was on the phone with counsel for the healthcare services provider discussing the results of the ERA analysis.

In this instance, the ERA indicated a low risk of access and exfiltration of proprietary information and allowed counsel to advise their client appropriately on next steps.