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Video Surveillance Forensics

Video Surveillance Forensics


A client who had a video surveillance system in place had been sued, alleging the class of employees should be paid overtime for the amount of time it takes to get through the required security checkpoint before their shift actually started.

The client needed expertise for the following:

  • To design, plan, coordinate, and execute a methodology for forensic collection of a video surveillance system.

  • To locate and analyze video feeds for various points in time, and on various days.

  • To recreate the hardware and software environment to allow opposing counsel to see the necessary video footage for



Our iDS Digital Forensics Experts designed a workflow that would accommodate the collection, analysis, and production of data from the server and software-based video surveillance system used by the client.

The iDS team collected, analyzed, and reported on the following:

  • The defensible imaging of the video system and associated video file storage system.

  • The analysis and extraction of desired video footage.

  • The replication of the necessary hardware and software that would allow all parties to review the video footage in a

    simulated live environment.


By leveraging the expertise of iDS, the client was able to leave their video system up and running, while allowing a defensible forensic collection, and was able to create a replicated virtual environment that was a mirror of the client’s system for use by other parties.

The client saved thousands, to hundreds of thousands, of dollars by engaging iDS to create an innovative workflow to accomplish this assignment.