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Highly Skilled Coders Try to Outsmart Their Digital Footprints

Highly Skilled Coders Try to Outsmart Their Digital Footprints


iDS was presented with a software plagiarism case. The plaintiffs, two hotshot software developers, claimed the defendants, our clients, didn’t have the right to use their software. Ultimately, the plaintiffs alleged that the defendants stole their source code.

The case hinged on whether or not the source code had been conceived prior to the plaintiffs claiming it. As a result, we had to determine the development date.

Our client needed authority in the following areas:

  • Data recovery
  • Forensic analysis
  • Forensic acquisitions


Our team of iDS experts proved through forensic acquisition that not only had the software in question not been created on the computer presented to the court, but that the plaintiffs also presented false information to the court.
The iDS Team of Experts tested, validated, and determined the following:
  • The plaintiffs drastically inflated their billings and grossly exaggerated their time spent on the project
  • The plaintiffs deceived the court with a dummy computer to make it look like they had been building software on it for years
  • The dummy computer was filled with falsified & tampered data that was created by the plaintiffs


The court threw out the entire case and awarded attorney fees to the defendants.

Through iDS discovery analysis, the results revealed damaging evidence against the plaintiff. It was enough to secure a successful defense. This ultimately resulted in a counter-suit and damages awarded to the defendants. The successful defense was a testament to iDS’ skill and expertise.