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Capturing Data from 150 Mobile Devices Within a 48 Hour Window

Capturing Data from 150 Mobile Devices Within a 48 Hour Window


  • 150 person sales team
  • Forensic collection from 150 mobile devices
  • Two-day window of opportunity during training conference
  • Successful and innovative workflow resulted in collection from every device and a cost savings of thousands


Assist a client with collecting forensics from 150 mobile devices.

A client who had a sales team of more than 150 individuals needed to collect data from every sales team member’s mobile device. The company had a previously scheduled training conference and the entire sales team was attending.

Our client needed our expertise with the following:

  • Designing, planning, coordinating, and executing a methodology for collecting 150 mobile devices within a two-day window

  • Consulting with each sales team members to obtain the necessary credentials and to work through any technical challenges

  • Forensically preserving, collecting, and processing the applicable data


iDS was engaged to design a worfklow that would help accomplish the task at hand.

iDS Digital Forensics Experts determined that the data to be collected was created within a specific app on the devices, and based on that, designed a workflow that would accommodate the collection of these devices within the two-day window. The iDS team collected, analysed, and reported on the following:

  • The intake and forensic collection of 150 mobile devices

  • The extraction and processing of app data

  • The return, documentation, and reporting of activity for these 150 devices within the two-day training conference window


iDS saved their client thousands of dollars by creating a workflow that accomplished their task of data retrieval from 150 mobile devices.

By leveraging a company training conference and understanding the way the data was created and stored on the mobile devices, iDS was able to complete what the client thought was an impossible task. The client saved thousands by engaging iDS to create an innovative workflow to accomplish this engagement.