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Dan Regard, Technology Futurist, Founder & CEO, iDS

Dan Regard Technology Futurist/Founder & CEO, iDS

For the past 25 years Dan Regard has stood as a visionary and vanguard for domestic and global issues revolving around the use of data analytics.

His experience as a consultant and respected subject matter expert continues to make him a sought after speaker, educator and clinician, whether it be for legal retreats, judicial training events, or law firm client conferences.

Dan is known for his enthusiastic and educational approach to public speaking – transforming traditionally complex technical insight into easily processed information. He accomplishes this by integrating real world scenarios, practical fundamentals, and entertaining stories that resonate with a wide variety of audiences.


History of Discovery and the Billable Hour

A quick history of the U.S. Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and their unexpected affect on legal finance, discovery costs, the demiseof the jury trial, and what we can expect over the next 5-15 years.

Leveraging Data For Answers

Have you ever conducted a zero-email case? Save time and money in your cases and investigations, and create a transformative advantage, by looking beyond emails and texts.

Big Data and Big Computers

Artificial Intelligence has arrived to the evaluation of evidence. What is AI in law? Are you using it? Should you use it? Learn about the the tools, how are they being used, and how the courts are treating this.

Expert Testimony, Not All Experts Are Equal

Learn about the most recent best practices in developing and pressing expert testimony in a digital world.

The future of Discovery

New Rules, New Tools, New Technology – all of this is causing discovery to change. Knowing where discovery is going is the best way to create a competitive advantage.

  • Georgetown Advanced E-Discovery Institute
  • The Sedona Conference
  • ABA Cross-Border Discovery Institute
  • ACI Conference
  • The Master’s Conference
  • Today’s General Council Institute
  • Judicial Training Symposium
  • Electronic Discovery Institute
  • Sixth Circuit Judicial Conference
  • University of Pennsylvania Law School
  • University of Florida eDiscovery Conference
  • Temple Law School
  • American Bar Association
  • American University Law School
  • AmLaw 100 Law Firm Client Retreat
  • AmLaw 100 Law Firm Partner Retreat
  • AmLaw 100 Law Firm In-house CLE


Dan Regard, iDiscovery Solutions, founder and Chief CEO, CEO, eDiscovery
Available for in-person and virtual presentations

A programmer and an attorney by training, Dan has conducted system investigations, created data collections, provided expert testimony, and managed discovery on over a thousand matters – with national and international experience advising on eDiscovery, forensics, structured data, and information management issues.

To learn more about Dan or to schedule him to speak at your event, contact Shameka Glover at  202.249.7864  |
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Dan Regard has received a Band 1 ranking from CHAMBERS AND PARTNERS for (5) consecutive years.